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The Commies are Coming?

Russian Mafia Shakes Down the Country

Glimmers of Hope on Russia's Horizon

A Moscow Reporter's Notebook

Notes from Ukraine

Cross-Cultural Variances in Team Effectiveness

Melding Mindsets: Trans-Ideological Management Issues in Post-Soviet States

Transnational Team Development Case Model

Distance Education: Will Global Learning Get Online?

Media & Public Relations Primer

Public Perceptions & Expectations of the News Media

Reporters: Who Do We Think We Are?

Media Developments in America & Their Relation to Ukraine: Lecture & Paper 

New Communications Technologies in the Workplace

Writing for the Internet

Welfare Reform: Let's Get Real, Let's Get Right

Wanna Bet?

  The World Looks Hard at America   

Business Writing Samples for Worldwide Media Relations

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Dot-communist Manifesto

Manifesto For a Fast World

NPI: Russian Newspaper Crisis Recovery Program

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